Recycling Committee


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  • Phone No. 978-887-1500


The purpose of the Recycling Committee is to advise the Town on all matters pertaining to recycling. The Topsfield Recycling Program is a community effort sponsored jointly by the Topsfield Recycling Committee and the Highway Department.

\ Its objectives are to:

  • Protect our environment by keeping toxins and other materials out of the Northeast Solid Waste Collection (waste to-energy) facility;
  • Save money for Topsfield by avoiding fees imposed for incineration of trash;
  • Save resources by reusing raw materials;
  • Increase the number of participants in the recycling program;
  • Increase the amounts of materials that can be recycled by residents and organizations;
  • Reduce the total amount of disposable solid waste;
  • Improve the household hazardous waste collection and proper disposition programs;
  • Heighten public awareness of recycling and related issues.

For complete Topsfield Trash Collection and Recycling Information please look in Trash and Recycling Services.

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